In-Store Radio

Capitalize On Your Most Captive Market

What is Storecasting? Storecasting – sometimes called On-Premise Messaging or Overhead Marketing – is like having your own radio station, complete with personalized commercials about your business, broadcasting directly to your customers on your premises.

Storecasting enables you to deliver customized audio ads, announcements and messages through your internal paging system, enhancing the shopping experience with targeted Overhead Marketing. These Storecasting ads/messages are integrated into the digital audio feed from our Broadcast House, equipping you with the latest in point-of-sale advertising technology.

Here are just a few of the benefits of incorporating Storecasting and Overhead Marketing in your establishment:

  • Control over the Background Music and Messages your customers hear on your premises
  • Deliver news about your products and services through Overhead Messaging
  • Cross-sell and up-sell directly to customers
  • Inform customers about new industry developments and updates
  • Highlight special offers and promotions with targeted overhead announcements
  • Broadcast other essential informational announcements to enhance customer engagement

With our comprehensive on-premise messaging solution, you gain full access to our Web-Based Storecasting Scheduler, allowing you to manage your content effortlessly. You can choose to use your existing ads or collaborate with our Creative Team and Studios to develop and produce new content. A diverse mix of content is key to a dynamic and successful Storecasting environment, maximizing the impact of your Overhead Marketing strategies.


of all purchasing decisions are made from impulse at the point-of-purchase due to overhead advertisement

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