Voice Recordings

The Voice Of Experience For Your Business

Telephonetics is at the forefront of automated voice solutions—anywhere automated voices are needed; we bring a wealth of experience. From Auto Attendants and Call Sequencers to Monorail Systems, our Voice Recording expertise ensures that you will hear us in action. As the Internet and telephony continue to converge, the possibilities for enhancing communication are boundless, whether for small businesses or Fortune 1000 clients.

We work with major companies like Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Pizza Hut to develop custom products that enhance their operational efficiencies and we’re equipped to create a tailored solution that meets your specific messaging needs.

For small businesses aiming to project a polished corporate image, we offer comprehensive services, including professionally voiced Overhead Announcements, Messaging On Hold and Background Marketing. With our full suite of professionally recorded messages, we not only elevate your brand image but also save you time and money.

Consider how you can improve your level of service with:

  • Professional Auto Attendant greetings and IVR Prompts
  • Overhead Messaging prompts for directions, special promotions, or services
  • Night answer capabilities with after-hours customer service information

Our extensive pool of professional voice talents, drawn from the radio, television, and film industries, are prepared to meet your specific Overhead, On Hold and Voicemail Marketing needs. These talents are selected for their distinctive voices that embody quality and professionalism, ensuring that your organization’s desired image is effectively conveyed. Whether you need an intricate voice delivery system, a voice response platform, or a simple answering machine message, our voice talents are equipped to project excellence.

Recording studio soundbooth with microphone ready for voice recordings
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