Message On Hold

Keep Your Callers Engaged

Ever ask yourself how many customers contact you each day, and how many leave without learning more about your business? What are your customers listening to when they call your business? Is it the radio advertising your competition, looped music that everyone jokes about, or worse, nothing at all except dead air?

The solution to keeping those customers (and the profits they represent) on the line is an informative, professionally created Audio Branded, Message On Hold Program. A captive audience On Hold gives you a chance to either increase your sales opportunities: entertain, educate and inform them without boring them.

Businesswoman smiling while on phone listening to on hold music

Proven Effective

Statistics continue to support the benefits of Message On Hold. Whether you are trying to reduce the number of frustrated On Hold customers, feature new products or promotions, On Hold Marketing is essential to your phone system.

A Perfect Blend

Our team of experienced copywriters, voice talents, and state-of-the-art studios will help you craft the soundtrack of your business through effective Message On Hold and On Hold Marketing strategies. With our top-tier creative and studio engineering teams, we manage the entire Audio Branding process using our proprietary customer service software. This approach is designed to enhance and strengthen any informational or marketing campaign.”

This is why we say "Your Image Is Our Business!"

Professionally speaking……we’re Telephonetics ™

Check out our video and you’ll see why
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